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Come in and meet Kiki.

After just one visit to Kiki’s Quilt Shack, you will discover a new friend with a big heart not only for quilting, but also for her loyal customers in the quilting community. You’ll also find a plethora of new, exciting fabrics, top-of-the-line machines, and training classes to help you with new projects, sewing machines and techniques.

Hope to see you at Kiki’s Quilt Shack soon!

EXPO19… Completely reimagined!

Attendees of Kiki’s Expo19 will enjoy the same energized atmosphere as the previous two years, but with Expo19 you will spend a full day on one machine with one sewlebrity instructor and have plenty of time to complete an entire project.

Kiki’s story tells of her motivation to
open a forward-thinking quilt shop.

Our calendar will guide you to one of
our fun and informative classes.

Kiki’s Quilt Shack carries fabrics and
patterns to unleash your imagination.

We support your love of quilting!

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