35% off all fabric sale

35% off all fabric!!!

Whoa, fabric! Get 35% OFF all our premium brands and styles like Batiks, Tula Pink, Free Spirit, PBS Fabric, and more at Kiki’s Quilt Shack. The sale ends on 8/15! […]

Destiny II sale at Kikis Quilt Shack

Kiki’s Big Destiny II Sale!

The Ultimate Investment: Destiny II sewing machine Get ready to bring your embroidery dreams to life! The Destiny II sewing machine is the ultimate investment for all those creative minds […]

Hands pushing through fabric underneath a sewing machine's needle

5 Reasons To Change Out Your Needles on Your Sewing and Embroidery Machines

Sewing and embroidery machines are essential for any quilter, sewer, or crafter. They make our lives easier by allowing us to create beautiful pieces without much effort. However, like any […]

Crafting a Community for Health and Happiness

Crafting a Community for Health and Happiness

Crafting is more than just a hobby or pastime. It has been proven to have numerous benefits for our physical and mental health, including stress relief, increased happiness, and improved […]

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