Ricky Tims has settled on which of his many wonderful presentations he will teach at Kiki’s 2018 Sewing Expo.

After reading the descriptions below, you’ll be more excited than ever to join us. Seating is limited and tickets are going fast. Get yours while you still can!

Thursday, February 15 – Session One

Caveman Meets Convergence

Explore the freedom of several improvisational patchwork methods that Ricky calls Quilting Caveman Style. During this session, piecing is created without concern for quarter-inch seams, measuring, or math! You’ll also delve into Ricky’s popular Convergence quilts, and discover how you can combine these two techniques to make super fast, super easy, and stunning quilts.

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Thursday, February 15 – Session Two

Kool Kaleidoscope with Designing Patchwork

Watch the magic unfold and learn how Ricky’s Kool Kaleidoscope quilts are made using strip-pieced strata. It’s much less complicated than it looks. The session spins into a very practical presentation showing how easy it is to fearlessly create your own designs by starting with quilt blocks you already know.

Friday, February 16

Session Three

Eleven Cool Things Every Quilter Should Know, No Pins Precision Piecing and Foundation String Piecing

This session starts with surprise after surprise, with tips and techniques that will make you say, “Duh!” Then, learn how to create precise patchwork without fussing over quarter-inch seams. The session concludes with a discussion that will take the angst out of precision sewing on paper.

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Friday, February 16 – Session Four

Rhapsody Quilts, Outline Appliqué using Blanket Stitches

Ricky’s formula for making Rhapsody quilts will inspire you to make your own, one-of-a-kind legacy quilt. They look complicated, but are so much easier to make than quilts made with traditional methods. This quilt is like a magic trick—you will impress onlookers, but there’s an easy secret to making it appear. During this session, you will also see how blanket stitches make stunning appliqué.

Saturday, February 18 – Session Five

Grand Finale: Machine Finishing Techniques, Let’s Face It: No-Binding Finishes.

Ever wonder how to wrestle a large quilt under the arm of a machine? Or how to create a completely machine-finished binding that features tiny piping? Those techniques along with machine trapunto, bobbing quilting, and much more will be unveiled in this session. To top it off, you will learn two ways to face your quilt so the quilt finishes with a turned edge instead of a binding.

Saturday, February 18 – Session Six

The Elusive Muse

As a creative soul, you often face internal challenges, obstacles, and frustration. Can you really put into practice everything you just learned? Of course you can! Ricky’s motivational lecture will help you sort though your feelings, and identify the root source of your frustrations. In Ricky’s engaging style, he will teach you to focus on what it takes to find and keep your creative mojo. This final session will uplift, inspire, and encourage you!